The Noted Art Collection of Nicholas Zoullas, At Unreserved Auction, May 12

Tuesday, May 12 – 1:00pm ET
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• Approximately half of the art works from the Zoullas Collection are being stored in Guernsey’s Manhattan warehouse. The other half is being stored in a secure art storage facility in Brooklyn, NY. The Brooklyn storage facility is currently closed due to coronavirus but is expected to re-open soon.

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The Auction

The Noted Art Collection of Nicholas Zoullas

Guernsey's is honored to be bringing the Collection of accomplished art collector Nicholas Zoullas to unreserved auction in an exceptional three hundred lot event. The sale will be taking place May 12 with bidding available on three platforms, and

Born in Athens, Greece in 1937, Nicholas Zoullas' family survived the turmoil of World War II experiencing the horrors of war firsthand. As Greece was conquered by Nazi Germany, Zoullas' father led the drive to protect Jews seeking refuge. Sadly, this humanitarian work was met with disdain exposing the family to persecution. They fled Greece.

Uncertain of their future, in 1947 the Zoullas family arrived in New York. Befriended by other Greek immigrants, the family settled down. Young Nicholas excelled, ultimately graduating from Harvard Law School. Following in the footsteps of his father, Zoullas entered the shipping industry. And through the years, financial success allowed him to immerse himself in his increasing fascination with his Greek heritage and growing passion for the world of art.

In the 1980’s, Zoullas began to collect. Dietrich von Bothmer of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and leading specialist in the field of Greek antiquities, helped Nicholas put together a substantial assemblage of ancient Greek pottery. As Nicholas matured however, his passion for nineteenth and twentieth century art blossomed into an important collection. Guided by many accomplished museum curators and gallerists, the Collection branched out in diverse and interesting ways.

A regular for decades at the world’s leading auction houses, Zoullas took a special interest in the classical female form, finding the genre under appreciated in the late twentieth century art scene. As a result, a Collection emerged consisting of work from around the globe with paintings, drawings and sculpture by emerging artists who Nicholas Zoullas financially supported on to examples by some of the most important artists to appear in any collection.

With works by Amedeo Modigliani, Kees van Dongen, Reginald Marsh, Rene Magritte, Le Corbusier, and increasingly recognized artists such as Constantino Parthenis and Terry Rodgers, the Zoullas Collection grew. Indeed, featured in several recent Christie’s auctions were select examples from the Zoullas Collection. Now, the time is at hand to present the full Collection to the world and Guernsey’s is honored to be representing the Zoullas family by conducting this exceptional sale.

Although Guernsey’s New York City offices are temporarily closed during this unprecedented time, emailed questions about the Zoullas Collection will be promptly answered. A small number of works of art are being added to the Zoullas Auction. Accordingly, if you would like us to consider the possibility of consignment or discuss any other matter, please reach out to us at Thank you, and stay safe.

174. Constantinos Parthenis (Greek,
1878 - 1967), Untitled

120. Le Corbusier (French/Swiss,
1887–1965), Femme nue Debout

224. Kees van Dongen (Dutch/French,
1877 - 1968), Windmill in a Landscape

112A. Rockwell Kent (American,
1882 - 1971), Portrait of Kathleen II c. 1923

149. Amedeo Modigliani (Italian,
1884 - 1920), Untitled

227. Marcel Rene von Herrfeldt (French,
1889-1965), A Young Beauty Clasping an Urn

28. Pierre Carrier-Belleuse (French,
1851 - 1932), Apres la bain

143. Reginald Marsh (American,
1898 - 1954), Three Nudes

93. Oswald Grill (Austrian,
1878 - 1969), The Precious Cup

17. Emmanuel Benner (French,
1836 - 1896), Nu Pres Du Rive

208. Spiro Schwatenberg (German,
1898 - 1922), Eve and the Serpent

184. Alfred Plauzeau (French,
1875–1918), La Femme Captive

232. Tom Wesselmann (American,
1931 - 2004), Seascape

196. Terry Rodgers (American, b. 1947),
Beaujolais Nouveau (New Wine), 2003

154. Niagara (American, b.1956),

176. Jules Pascin (1885 - 1930),
Au Bordel (At the Brothel)

187. Emilios Prosalentis (Greek,
1859 - 1926), Shipping

60. Leon Victor Dupre (French,
1816 - 1879), At the Watering Hole

69. Jan van De Fackere (Belgian,
1897 - 1946), Female Nude

242. A central Indian sandstone
bust of Parvati, 11th century

126. Auguste Leveque (Belgian,
1866 - 1921), Pomone

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Those who would like to participate in this auction can view the full catalogue online, and leave advance absentee bids, as well as bid in real time as the sale is taking place at,, and All lots in the catalogue can be bid on through these online platforms prior to - and during - the auction, provided that the bidder has completed the separate online application process at,, and

Due to restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus crisis, Guernsey’s New York City office is currently closed. Therefore the best way to communicate with us about this auction will be through your preferred bidding platform or by email to .


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