Although we at Guernsey's dig hard in searching out exciting collections to feature at auction, many of our events result when people alert us to collections they may not own, but know about. We call these folks "Finders". Finders have called us to tell us of collections owned by their neighbors, owned by business acquaintances or merely heard about through the media or the rumor mill. In any case, we are always grateful for getting this information.

When we feel that it is appropriate, we will reach out to the party who owns the collection we've been alerted to. If the finder wishes to remain anonymous, our contact will be discreet without any reference to the finder. In all cases, we will be polite and sensitive, and never place any parties involved in compromising situations.

In addition to our heartfelt "thank you" to a finder, we also offer a "Finder's Fee". And although there are other auction houses that also offer finder's fees, we believe we are safe in saying that the amount Guernsey's offers is substantially greater than any other finder's fees we are aware of.

Let us be clear, to be eligible to a finder’s fee you need do nothing more than contact us with the information. In short, by simply thinking of Guernsey's when it comes to the sale of a valuable collection that you are aware of, you can receive a handsome reward.

To protect your interests we would prepare a formal agreement. However, prior to that we suggest that you contact us to discuss the nature of the collection and any specifics that relate to your situation. We thank you in advance, and want you to know that we will deal with the information that you provide us - and the people we consequently contact from this information - with the greatest respect.