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August 6th, 2019
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The Pierre Hotel
2 East 61st Street, Fifth Avenue
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Elizabeth Taylor’s

When Miss Taylor first ordered this car following her marriage to singer Eddie Fisher, she was living at The Pierre. Inasmuch as Rolls Royce was prepared to paint the car any color the film actress chose, she selected her favorite green color. Matched to her wedding dress, the car soon became known to her legions of fans as the “Green Goddess.” Miss Taylor kept the car for approximately twenty years until she sold it to its current owner, a West Coast gentleman who has fastidiously maintained it for four decades. Other than its delivery when new to Miss Taylor in New York, and its appearance in Rome on the set of Cleopatra (where Liz met and formed a liaison with future husband Richard Burton), the Rolls Royce spent its entire life in California.

Information about the Rolls Royce

  • Left Hand (American) Drive.
  • A “matching numbers" automobile, 40,644 miles on the odometer.
  • Beautiful condition; mechanically maintained with new convertible top.
  • Two owners since new.
  • One of approximately twenty left hand drive Silver Cloud II drophead coupes (convertibles) ever built.
  • Known globally as the “Green Goddess” due to its unique custom green color.
  • Named “Smoke Green”, Rolls Royce matched the color to Miss Taylor’s dress at her wedding to Eddie Fisher.
  • Miss Taylor’s favorite color, she is photographed in many other outfits of this color throughout her career.
  • Shortly after her widely publicized wedding to popular singer Eddie Fisher, Elizabeth Taylor - then arguably the most famous actress in the world - ordered this stunning car for herself. It’s original owner was listed as her husband, Eddie Fisher.
  • The car drives as a Rolls Royce should. The original Rolls Royce “build sheet” is available.
  • Miss Taylor lovingly referred to her Rolls Royce as “the Green Goddess”.
  • The wood in the interior is a Carpathian Elm Burl wood.
  • Original Rolls Royce tool set included plus owner’s manual and workshop manual.

  • Dimensions

  • Overall width – 6 feet, 4 inches
  • Height – 5 feet, 6 inches (top up)
  • Overall length – 17 feet, 6 inches
  • Wheel base length overall – 10 feet, 4 inches
  • Chronology

  • In 1959, in a highly publicized event, Elizabeth Taylor and popular singer Eddie Fisher marry.
  • In 1960, Miss Taylor ordered her custom built Rolls Royce. It was shipped to her in New York and picked up at the pier December 23, 1960.
  • Eddie Fisher and Elizabeth Taylor traveled to Rome in 1962 for the filming of the landmark motion picture, Cleopatra in which she played the starring role. They took the Green Goddess with them.
  • On the set of Cleopatra, Miss Taylor meets and has an affair with her co-star, Richard Burton.
  • Eddie Fisher damages the fender of the Rolls Royce when rushing to the Rome film set.
  • In 1963, the Green Goddess is returned to the U.S. Richard Burton is often spotted driving it.
  • In 1964, Eddie and Liz divorce. Later that year Liz and Burton marry.
  • Photographs of Liz in the Green Goddess appear in leading magazines
  • Elizabeth Taylor keeps the Green Goddess until the late 1970’s (believed to be 1978) when she offers it for sale in the Wall Street Journal. She has owned it for nearly two decades.
  • The current owner has maintained the car properly over his more than forty years of ownership. It has remained on the West Coast its entire life.

  • Driving Elizabeth Taylor’s “Green Goddess”

    Driving Impressions; Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II Drophead # LSWC 278 from 6/25/29 road test

    "This is a summarize of my driving impressions for the Rolls Royce convertible you currently have on offer. My comments as follows noting that these are only observations of a casual nature based on years or working with these cars and cannot be construed a proper diagnostic evaluation of the car." - Kent S. Bain, Automotive Restorations Inc.

  • Checked pressures and fluids, warmed and took a drive of approximately 30 miles under varied conditions including highway and local 2 lane roads.
  • Car drives well & feels as this vintage RR should, steers well and brakes properly.
  • Cold and hot startup work properly with choke function setting on one pump of the pedal.
  • It is quiet, tracks well at speed and is as relatively free from clunks, rattles and the wind noises one tends to expect from an older convertible.
  • Pressures and temps were maintained including a long, warm day 20 minute idle while taking some photos.
  • Transmission shifts and downshifts properly.
  • Instruments save clock all perform properly.
  • Checked most if not all functions with satisfactory result noting charge needed in A/C system to restore proper operation.
  • Summary: a serviceable vintage Rolls Royce in road ready condition that performs as a well maintained vehicle should.
  • Gianni Versace Green Silk Evening DressCustom Made for Elizabeth Taylor

    The green silk evening dress, formerly owned by Elizabeth Taylor was custom made by Gianni Versace in early 1991 for the star. The dress is labeled ‘Atelier Versace.’ The emerald green shirt sleeves silk caddy evening gown bears a bow detail in the front enriched by trapunto stitching effect.

    There are few fashion designer – celebrity pairings that match that of the prolific designer Gianni Versace and star Elizabeth Taylor. Versace often created custom looks for Taylor, including this green silk evening dress. A collaboration of note is a Versace beaded evening jacket known as ‘The Face’ custom made for Ms. Taylor in 1992 which sold at the Collection of Elizabeth Taylor sale for $128,500. This jacket features depictions of Taylor in her most famous roles including Cleopatra.

    Gianni Versace (1946 – 1997) was an Italian fashion designer and founder of Versace who worked with Diana, Princess of Wales, Naomi Campbell, Madonna, and of course, Elizabeth Taylor to build one of the most recognizable fashion brands in the world. Anna Wintor commented on Versace's work with celebrities, "he was the first to realize the value of the celebrity in the front row, the supermodel," to create symbiotic relationships that sought to elevate the image of both the brand and the star. The brand is known for bringing Baroque and classicism influences into modernity with innovative patterns and colors. As Gianni said, Gianni was murdered outside of his Miami Beach mansion Casa Casuarina at the age of 50 which was subject of the second season of the FX true crime anthology The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story. After his death, his sister Donnatella Versace took over as creative director and has continued to evolve the brand.

    Elizabeth Taylor was known as a fashion collector and her storied collection of clothing and jewelry was offered at Christie’s “The Collection of Elizabeth” sale in December 2011. This dress was included in Christie’s “The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor” auction which took place over a four-day live auction. The historic sale set a world record for the most valuable sale of jewelry in auction history as well as the most valuable collection of fashion ever offered at auction. Guernsey’s is humbled to offer two pieces from this sale in our auction of Elizabeth Taylor’s Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II Drophead known as “The Green Goddess” taking place at The Pierre Hotel in New York City where Taylor resided.

    Christian Louboutin Evening Bag Formerly Owned by Elizabeth Taylor

    The green silk evening dress, formerly owned by Elizabeth Taylor was custom made by Gianni Versace in early 1991 for the star. The dress is labeled ‘Atelier Versace.’ The emerald green shirt sleeves silk caddy evening gown bears a bow detail in the front enriched by trapunto stitching effect.

    Christian Louboutin’s lack of adherence to previously agreed-upon rules of fashion and his commitment to making “women feel confident and empowered,” without regard for what was, at the time of his entry onto the fashion scene, considered ‘appropriate,’ has made him an icon. The name itself is today synonymous with sensuous style, and it was, in fact, he who reintroduced the world to the stiletto heel in the early 1990s, a style that has since dominated the Hollywood and award show scene.

    It is no surprise that, in the early 2000s, Taylor chose Louboutin’s earliest bags (his first foray outside the world of shoe design) to compliment her trademark style. Though neither of the two was shy in their idea of how Liz should dress and their strong ideas prevented them from always seeing eye-to-eye, Elizabeth too refused to be ignored - not only in her undeniable star-power, but perhaps more importantly, in her work with the LGBT+ community (especially in the realm of AIDS research via the Elizabeth Taylor Foundation), a cause as close to Christian Louboutin’s heart as it was to hers.

    Christian Louboutin Evening Bag Formerly Owned by Elizabeth Taylor

    The Auction

    Elizabeth Taylor’s 1961 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II Drophead will be sold without minimum reserve on August 6th at The Pierre Hotel, 61st Street and Fifth Avenue in New York City. Preparations are being made for the car to be on display at The Pierre starting July 23 through the August 6th Auction date. For additional information about the auction including arranging to become a bidder, please contact us at 212-794-2280.


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