The Kennedy Era

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  • Auction:
    October 6 & 7

  • Public Preview:
    Coming soon

  • Location:
    Americas Society
    680 Park Ave
    New York, NY 10065

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  • Absentee Bidding:
    By e-mail, mail and telephone

Featured Lots

Naval Dress Swords & Scabbards

John F. Kennedy's Bust

Kennedy portrait

JFK Presidential Cigar

JBK black lace Mantilla

Original Rocker used by
John F. Kennedy & President Lyndon B. Johnson

The White House / Weapons to Cuba

The Auction

In this, the one hundredth anniversary of John F. Kennedy's birth, Guernsey's is excited to announce that on October 6/7, the auction house will be conducting its third event focusing on the late President. *Following a preview exhibition, the Auction will be held live at 680 Park Avenue. Those unable to attend can bid via various online bidding platforms. (*Guernsey's 1998 and 2005 John F. Kennedy auctions are still widely spoken of to this day.)

At the core of the sale will be the Lt. Henry Hirschy Collection. Lt. Hirschy was stationed in the White House throughout the JFK presidency and indeed, it was the Lieutenant's Naval sword that was chosen to be displayed for thirty days in the East Room of the White House honoring the late President as a sorrowful nation mourned. Importantly, the auction will also include the second, matching Naval sword chosen for the momentous occasion. Among other treasures within the Hirschy Collection is one of the late President’s leather “bomber” jackets and rare transcripts of Mr. Kennedy’s most noteworthy speeches including his address to the Nation during the Cuban Missile Crisis and his "Ich bin ein Berliner” speech.

Complementing the Hirschy Collection will be the Jacqueline Kennedy-related property of Mary Gallagher, former personal secretary to Mrs. Kennedy from 1957 to 1964, and whose book My Life with Jacqueline Kennedy was an international best seller.

Important artistic renderings of President Kennedy will be featured in the sale including the original oil on canvas, intimate portrait created by noted artist Aaron Shikler. Mr. Shikler’s full body portrait of the President is the much-admired painting chosen by the Kennedy family to permanently hang in the White House. Also being sold are several original versions of sculpture Robert Berks iconic bust of the President. Rarest of these are two of what are believed to be only six castings of his heroic-sized bronzes.

For more complete information, please visit or contact the New York auction house.

The Francis Gary Powers Collection

Were the above two collections not extraordinary enough, the auction house has chosen to also include in the event the Francis Gary Powers Espionage Collection as provided by Mr. Powers' son. Following a distinguished career in the Air Force, Captain Powers joined the CIA where his piloting efforts proved critical during the height of the Cold War. Shot down while on a espionage mission over the Soviet Union, it was the Francis Gary Powers / U-2 saga that became the basis for the recently popular Steven Spielberg motion picture, Bridge of Spies.

The nearly one hundred lots in the Francis Gary Powers Collection will include such espionage treasures as his flight suit and trench coats, his writings while imprisoned in the Soviet Union and rare Russian propaganda posters.

For additional information visit or contact Guernsey’s at 212-794-2280. For media inquiries or to request an interview, please contact Lori Rosen at 212.255.8910 or

Online Bidding

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Guernsey's welcomes inquiries from the media regarding both past and upcoming events. PDF copies of the press release and links to media coverage of our John F. Kennedy Auction are available below:

Press Release (October 6 & 7)