Personal Binoculars The Neil Leifer Photographic Collection
At Auction
The Award-Winning Photographer's Stunning Collection of
Iconic Work by Leading 20th Century Photographers

Along with Powerful Examples of Mr. Leifer's Own Work

Auction: Dates soon to be announced

Location: The Arader Galleries
1016 Madison Avenue
New York, NY

The Auction

By any standard, the two extraordinary bodies of work together - Neil Leifer's own photographic prints and his stunning collection of work by other important photographers - will make for an auction that will thrill anyone who marvels at the efforts of the twentieth century's most highly regarded photographers. Scheduled to be held live in New York City in 2012, we urge you to watch this space for more detailed information in the months ahead.

The Auction and Preview will be held in at the prestigious Arader Galleries, a magnificent Beaux Arts townhouse, located at 1016 Madison Avenue in the heart of Manhattan's cultural district. Arader Galleries is well known for its unparalleled collection of natural history engravings and watercolors, antique maps and atlases, and rare books, a selection of which will remain on view during the Neil Leifer Auction and Preview.

For more than 40 years, 1016 Madison was home to the famous Perls Galleries and its fabulous collection of works by Picasso, Modigliani, Braque, Léger, Soutine, among others. The famous Calder Sidewalk, that graces the front of 1016 Madison and its adjacent townhouses, remains as evidence of the Perls Galleries' long-standing representation of Alexander Calder.

Should you have questions about the Neil Leifer Photographic Collection or wish to discuss any aspect of the event in advance, please feel free to contact Guernsey's at your convenience.


Neil Leifer

On January 17th of this year, a full page photograph appeared in The New York Times of a young Cassius Clay eye-balling his then fearsome opponent, Sonny Liston, at the weigh-in prior to one of their two legendary fights. The photograph was in the paper in recognition of the great champion's 70th birthday. That photograph was taken by Neil Leifer. Not long after, an even more iconic photograph was taken of Clay gesturing to the fallen Liston to get off the canvas. Many consider this second photo to be one of the greatest sport's photo ever shot. This photograph was also taken by Neil Leifer. was the most memorable shot taken on December 28, 1958 when the New York Football Giants and the Baltimore Colts played in what has come to be called "The Greatest Game Ever Played." Allow these few examples of the work of Neil Leifer to serve as an introduction to the man many view as quite likely the most talented photographer the sporting world has ever known. (A brief assemblage of some of Neil's accomplishments is available elsewhere on this page.)

Two Collections

Neil's Own Work

It seems only logical that Neil would have amassed a stunning collection of his own prints over the years... which indeed he has done. And the coming auction will contain approximately 250* or more lots of Neil's work. (*Although many lots will consist of a single iconic photographic print by Neil, others will contain multiple prints that logically work well together. Others still will contain prints and actual artifacts that were presented to Neil or, in some way, were part of his career. For example, autographed Muhammad Ali boxing gloves will be accompanying several prints of the boxing great, while some of Neil's many press passes and credentials will be included with the shots those passes enabled him to take.)

Legendary 20th Century Photographers

Due to Neil Leifer's passion for photography and respect for the many other great photographers known for their work in news, editorial, entertainment, sports, fashion and art photography, he embarked on a fascinating endeavor: he suggested that prints be swapped among photographers. What started as a simple idea blossomed over the decades, and the Neil Leifer Photography Collection was formed.

Today, this Collection is a magnificent assemblage of approximately three hundred beautiful prints produced by the greatest names in twentieth century photography including, among many others, Alfred Eisenstadt, Margaret Bourke-White, Henri Cartier Bresson, Gordon Parks, Annie Leibovitz, Richard Avedon, Leni Riefenstahl, Robert Capa and Hy Peskin. Images from this collection have appeared on the covers of Time, Life, Sports Illustrated and many other prominent publications, have won Pulitzer Prizes and are memorable to millions.  

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